Our Membership Covenant

Membership in our church brings with it responsibilities and expectations. A community is only as strong as its members and that strength comes from participation, service, gifts of time and money, individual growth, and caring and support of each other. Membership at USG involves a covenant between the church and the individual members, a covenant of mutual commitment.

Our church commits to provide members:

  •     Excellent worship experiences
  •     Caring and outreach, including pastoral support and comfort
  •     Faith development opportunities
  •     Service opportunities
  •     Spiritual education for all ages

Individual members commit to provide:

  •     Regular attendance at worship services
  •     Work on personal faith development
  •     Financial generosity to USG
  •     Volunteer service to USG
  •     Service to the larger community

Strategic Initiatives – Unitarian Society of Germantown 2014-2017

Strategic Initiatives will help the variety of committees and volunteers work in the same direction and with the same mission. Our efforts will thus be more unified, more meaningful.

Under the governance structure adopted in July 1, 2014, the Board of Trustees is entrusted with establishing initiatives that are to guide all of our Ministry Teams for the coming years. Drawing on the USG Mission Statement and the Covenant of Membership, the Board has adopted the following initiatives:

1. Member Engagement

Breathe the spirit of life into the membership covenant (see below) so that its five tenets are known, meaningful, and engaging and the covenant animates our congregational life.

2. Spiritual Development & Growth

Offer a variety of lifespan spiritual development opportunities that assist participants in discovering, articulating, and sharing their values, beliefs, and faith so that we may grow and develop as individuals and as a community.

3. Outreach

View our community as expansive, creating opportunities to connect, witness, and serve beyond our congregation, taking our seven principles out into the physical and virtual world beyond our walls.

The Ministry Executive Team develops goals to implement these initiatives and works with every council, committee and group to set goals that will implement one or more of them. The goals will help us focus on what we do and what we hope to achieve to build beloved community with compassion, service and empowerment.

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