Under the By-laws of the Unitarian Society of Germantown, the Board of Trustees is charged with oversight of all temporal affairs of the Society. In 2014, as part of a well-conceived and professionally executed change in our governance structure, the Board accorded operational authority to the Ministry Executive Team ( see MET Job Description). When appropriate, however, the Board retains the authority vested in the USG By-laws, even as collaboration with the MET is the desired approach to governance at USG.

Currently, in addition to oversight of policy and budget as well as the Committee on Ministry, which oversees church relations, the Board is engaged with addressing the Church’s Strategic Initiatives of Vision, Oversight, and Policy.

USG’s Board of Trustees, 2024-25

Carla Campbell, President (FY26)

Keith Kratz, Vice President (FY27)

Susan Rizack, Secretary (FY27)

Board Members:

John Duey, Secretary (FY 25)

Abbey Porter (FY25)

Paul Teti (FY 25)

Yvonne Marlier (FY 25)

Phillip Bullard (FY 26)

Mer Helferty (FY 27)

Biographies of Board members

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