USG’s Congregational Mission, Core Values and Intentions


USG Congregational Mission

Building Beloved Community with Compassion, Service and Empowerment


Congregational Core Values

We believe in the Spirit of Life that unifies humanity, the earth and the cosmos.

Wonder and joy emanate from this source, as does love.

We celebrate the Spirit of Life and the beauty of the world through shared worship, small groups and personal spiritual practices.

We experience awe at the mystery of existence and, spurred by curiosity, use our intellect and imagination for life long learning about our fellow beings in the here and now and the there and then.

We relish life in a diverse urban community where everyone is welcome as they are and encouraged to stay and discover their best selves and unique calling in the human family.

We embrace the interconnectedness of life and act on the obligation to care and the obligation to speak up in the search for justice and healing.


Congregational Intentions

Engage in inspiring and enriching worship and an array of spiritual practices.

Participate in life-span experiences of meaning, knowledge and wisdom.

Be vital, effective, compassionate agents for social justice through a rich variety of service and dialogue experiences.

Develop deep and meaningful relationships within an intentionally welcoming, multicultural, and caring community.


Membership Covenant