Connie Simon

A UU Easter Celebration, Connie Simon, Intern Minister

How do Unitarian Universalists observe Easter in a way that acknowledges and honors our Judeo-Christian heritage while still recognizing the rich theological diversity that makes our faith tradition so unique? Please join us as we give new thought to the Easter celebration. Bring a flower-per-person to participate in the flowering of the chalice.

We Were Always There, Connie Simon, Intern Minister

The Black experience in Unitarian Universalism has been full of challenges, missed opportunities and triumphs. Connie Simon shares stories of resilience and hope that prove, in the words of African American UU historian Mark Morrison Reed, that “we were always there.”

A New Day, Connie Simon, Intern Minister

Our first service after the inauguration of Donald Trump as President. Regardless of our political affiliation, we recognize the need for acceptance and healing. How will we work together in love to promote social justice and equal opportunity for all and bring an end to the intolerance and divisiveness that have rocked our society?

Home for the Holidays – An Intimate Christmas, Connie Simon, Intern Minister

There’s a special joy that comes from being surrounded in the warmth of community with family and friends, especially during the holidays.  Join Intern Minister Connie Simon for a cozy Christmas morning service filled with music, stories and a message to remind us all of the true meaning of the season.  

Finding Your Blessings, Intern Minister Connie Simon

When there is so much intolerance, discord and suffering in our community and our world, seeing the blessings in life can be a challenge.  Sometimes we’re just too busy and distracted to see them.  Yet, there they are – waiting to be discovered and revealed. How will you find your blessings? Ministry Moment

What Binds Unitarian Universalists together? Connie Simon, Intern Minister

Are UUs a religious community, a social justice movement or something else? We’ll explore the liberal roots of Unitarianism, Universalism and Unitarian Universalism and how we can come together today in all our glorious theological diversity and work toward creating Beloved Community.

Creating Real Connections, Intern Minister Connie Simon

What does it mean to be truly “connected” to someone?  How do we create thoughtful, intentional relationships with others?  As she begins her two-year service as USG’s Intern Minister, Connie Simon reflects on the challenges and the blessings of building loving, authentic and lasting relationships in a new community