A Letter from Our New President!

(Yeah, not that one. It’s our Board President!)
Hello Friends!
I’m excited and humbled by the opportunity and challenge ahead of us as we transition to a new Board!
I give my heartfelt thanks to Susan Smith for her excellent leadership, and to Eli Scearce and Bill Morrow for their wisdom as they all step off the Board, and I warmly welcome our new members (Nancy Anderson & Sam Stormont) to the team.
Since our governance restructuring a few years ago, the Board has been able to devote proper time and energy to developing a vision for USG that will take us into the future.
We’ve been through a lot together as a congregation and as a wider faith movement over the last year and a half, and our hearts and minds have been engaged in many challenging and rewarding conversations and opportunities for growth around the issue of race.
That work is important in defining who we are and how we live out our Principles, and we will continue to explore together and love each other through it as we move into the coming months.
But we need your help!
Friends, I want to hear from you. Please.
I’d love to know what’s on your mind and in your heart about how we talk about racism, justice, and upholding our Principles in this light.
What would you like to see? What questions, concerns, ideas, and thoughts do you have about how we have engaged and should engage in these conversations? What’s your experience in these conversations been, and what would you like the Board to know about that?
Please feel free to reach out to me (president@usguu.org), and know that you will remain anonymous if you prefer.
The only way the Board knows what the congregation is thinking is by telling us, and I invite you to please share, either in person or via email.
We want to hear from you.
With love,