Author: Carolyn Scott

What is the COM and what do they do?

The Committee on Ministry (COM) is a small group appointed by the Board to assist in accomplishing USG’s mission by advising the Minister; facilitating communication between the Minister and members of the congregation; and helping resolve conflicts, using outside consultation when necessary. We also are … read more.

Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations are not a one-time event. Real conversation takes time to grow and for participants to gain trust in each other and get comfortable being uncomfortable. So we want to continue the Difficult Conversations on White Privilege, White Supremacy and White Fragility to include … read more.

Petition to Help Local Sanctuary Families

Dear Friends,

I have a special request for you.

As many of you know I’ve been visiting 2 families that are in Sanctuary at the First Methodist Church in Germantown. My friend Beverly Lucas called me one day and said her church needed help translating something for … read more.