A Note from Board President Lee Meinicke

August, 2022

As we near the end of summer, I appreciate the Children’s Spiritual Development folks working on kids’ curriculum for the Fall, the members of the Ministry Executive Team (MET) who have steadfastly kept the church running and paid attention to all kinds of things, and the Interim Search Committee who identified the Reverend Cheryl M. Walker to serve as our Interim Minister. 
I’ve heard from several people wondering when they can coordinate their work with Reverend Cheryl. When she starts in September she will reach out to talk to committees about what they do and how they do things, and she’s planning to attend at least one meeting of each committee at USG. 
I ask that we all keep in mind that Reverend Cheryl is an Interim Minister and not just a place holder – and, as the leader of MET, she just might change some things. Until she starts in September and gets acquainted with the life of the community, though, she won’t know what those changes might be. But that’s her role – to examine how we’re living out our mission and Principles and to get us ready for a new settled minister. Please keep open minds and hearts for things changing wherever she determines there’s a need for it; experimenting with how we do things might actually be fun.
She’s moving up to Philly from Wilmington, NC, and will be attending a UUA Interim Ministry workshop, so won’t be available to us in August. Please hold off on planning anything that involves Reverend Cheryl until she starts in September.
I’m really looking forward to everyone meeting her!