Become a Chalice Lighter—Help Grow UUism

Chalice Lighters is a grant-making program of the Central East Region of the UUA (our region.)

A Chalice Lighter is an individual who makes a commitment to respond to a call from the Chalice Lighter Program to support one or more new congregational projects. These calls come out three times a year. The suggested commitment is $20 per call or $60 per year. These grants help new congregations hire their first professional employee or obtain rental space. They can help established congregations with other outreach, staff or building projects.

Since 1987 over $2.5 million has been distributed to 52 congregations within the region thanks to the generosity of Chalice Lighters. USG received help purchasing the screen at the front of the sanctuary from Chalice Lighters. It is possible we may receive help with our elevator/driveway project also.

It’s an easy way to be generous and support neighboring UUs. Let’s help the flame of UUism thrive and grow! FAQs about Chalice Lighters For more information and how to sign up