Board President’s Last Letter

June, 2020

Hello, Friends,

I can’t believe how quickly this church year has passed, and how soon my time as Board President is coming to an end. It’s truly been an honor to serve this church community, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn, to listen, to grow.

When I first stepped into the President’s role, I was given the excellent advice that the Board President is more than just a committee chair; they are the representative for the entire congregation and the Board is more than a committee; they are responsible for the good of the church as a whole, encompassing more perspectives than our individual viewpoints and opinions. That responsibility is something we all on the Board have taken very seriously, especially during this pandemic.

I have learned that very few things are as straightforward as they appear on the surface and making the decisions that the Board faces involves more nuance, discussion, perspectives, and consideration than I expected because so many things have an effect on other things, and I am grateful for this lesson in patience and listening.

I am filled with gratitude for everyone I’ve served alongside on the Board. What a caring, thoughtful, smart group of people who are serving (and have served) this church so well!

I’m especially grateful for those whose opinions were different than mine, and for everyone who expressed their differences with love for the church and trust in each other to listen open-heartedly.

We may have left meetings later than we’d have liked, but the discussion and many points shared, considered, examined, and listened to were invaluable to me.

My gratitude for this experience, this congregation, and these fellow leaders, has only strengthened during this COVID crisis. Joining forces with the Ministry Executive Team to navigate this shutdown and the increased responsibilities and considerations has been a rewarding experience in collaboration and shared workload. Difficult situations and decisions have become a regular part of governing together while we support each other and the church through this crisis. The time and commitment that these leaders are giving to this church cannot be overstated, with many also juggling jobs and family commitments. I am in awe of the love and care every one of our leaders is bringing to this church every single day in such an uncertain and emotionally exhausting time.

Thank you all for this opportunity to serve this church in such a meaningful way.

I can’t wait until we can all be together in person again. Until then, let’s keep holding each other in light and love. We will get through this unprecedented time together.