Charting the Path Forward for Music at USG

A Letter from Lois Murphy, Chair of the Music Search Committee

February 17, 2022

Dear Friends,

I am writing today to fill you in on our plans for a process to chart together a musical path forward.

It has been and continues to be a year of many transitions, challenges, and departures, including Mark Daugherty’s retirement in November after 38 years of inspirational service as our Music Director.

We have formed a committee to plan for the future of music at USG and we welcome your input and thoughts. As chair of the Worship Arts Team, I am also serving as chair of the Music Search Committee. Members include:  
•    Our ministers, Rev. Kent Matthies and Mrs. Latifah Griffin-Rogers,
•    Two experienced choir members, Betsy Gabriel and Jacob Fisher,
•    Cellist and USG parent, Becky Horner, and
•    Vanessa Lowe, who spoke about the importance of music to the spiritual experience on Sunday, February 13 

We want to hear from you as well. Before we finalize a music director job description, we plan on scheduling large group meetings in March and April to discuss our hopes for music at USG. 

In the meantime, please contact us at if you have thoughts or questions you wish to share. Have you got an idea, or a fervent desire? Do you love music and want to be part of the process? Would you like to sing with the choir? Do you have a musical talent you would like to share? Or a suggestion or request about a musician we might want to invite for one service? Or hopes for new musical experiences?

It will take input from all of us to achieve our goals of continuing our tradition of musical excellence and creating memorable, inspiring musical experiences that truly contribute to the spiritual experience at USG. Please take some time to be part of this important project.

In community,
Lois Murphy