Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations are not a one-time event. Real conversation takes time to grow and for participants to gain trust in each other and get comfortable being uncomfortable. So we want to continue the Difficult Conversations on White Privilege, White Supremacy and White Fragility to include more USG people who have not participated yet and maybe to get some of those who have participated once to come back for some more conversation. New folks will get priority for participation but there’s plenty of room for observers.

Remember, Difficult Conversations is not about changing minds, winning debates or convincing anyone. It is about honest, open speech and respectful listening with a goal of not necessarily agreeing with but at least trying to understand people who have differing views and positions than us. If interested or if you have questions or comments contact Gerry Whelan at asd@usguu.org. Or ask those who have been at a recent Difficult Conversation on White Privilege, etc. – Parvathy Menon, Zachary Bosco, Anne Gwynn, Tom Ott, Rick Rodes, Treva Burger, Andrea Parry or Eli Scearce.