Electronic and Texting Donations

Using electronics (such as texting) is a great way to make regular donations and many other USG payments. Here’s how:

If you don’t already have an account in Breeze (USG’s software), go to https://usg.breezechms.com/. Click on “Create Account” at the bottom. Then enter your own name as it is in the USG database (this might take more than one try, due to nicknames, etc.) and your email address. Breeze will then email that address with a link to set up any username and password you want. Once you’re logged in, you can create payment methods and manage recurring donations under the “Give Now” tab.

If you don’t succeed with an account set up, contact Celeste (215-844-1157) to get the name and email address we have on file for you.

With an active account, you can also text donations to 215-608-2660. By default, amounts are applied as a pledge, unless you specify another fund (for example, $20 STP). Send “commands” to see other texting options.

As always, we thank you so much for your generous support.