Elevator and Driveway Update – March, 2018


The Elevator Committee is pleased to present drawings of the elevator as we hope to have it constructed. The Committee has been working with the architect to arrive at a plan that meets our needs and is affordable. These renderings reflect the final design for the elevator addition. The view for the inside rendering is from the north wall looking down past the elevator into the existing upper level of the church, with the Daskam Room and Assembly Room to the left after you pass through the far doorway. With the exterior rendering, the addition is the white building that’s in the middle. To the left in dark grey is the Daskam Room with the Sullivan Wing to the far right also in dark grey. 

The plan calls for an ADA compliant Otis elevator that is not only large enough to fit several people but also gives us the ability to use it for moving tables and chairs from one level to another. Our original plan had an outside entrance with a path leading to the parking lot but we needed to eliminate it because of cost. The current design will allow us to add an outside entrance in the future. Even with eliminating the outside entrance, the cost of the elevator and driveway projects is more than the money raised. We have applied for a Chalice Lighters Grant from the UUA to fill the gap. We hope to know their decision by early May. If all goes well, we will break ground in July with completion of the elevator addition by Christmas. 

The Driveway project is on hold. Heavy trucks and a cement mixer will need to use the driveway during the elevator addition construction phase and we thought it best to wait. The Driveway Project Committee will give a more detailed report on the driveway when we are closer to the start date.

The Elevator Project Committee:  Linda Bernstein, Bill Blasdel, Carolyn Cotton, Bill Dowdall (Chair), Charles Gabriel, Gloria Guldager, John Pron, and Susan Smith