Black Lives Matter Dedication Ceremony

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Main Line Unitarian Church (MLUC) will hold a dedication service for its “Black Lives Matter” banner this Saturday. The banner will be placed in front of the church at the intersection of South Valley Forge Road and Maplewood Avenue in Devon. The dedication service is free and open to the public.
The Unitarian Universalist congregation voted overwhelmingly to display the banner at its annual meeting on June 5.
MLUC’s minister, the Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones, explained the purpose of the banner. “It’s not sufficient to say that all lives matter,” said Jones. “That’s too vague and generic. It glosses over the reality of racism, which is still pervasive and persistent in our country, as evidenced by the racial disparities in our prisons, schools, housing, healthcare, media, incomes, jobs, and even life expectancies. As people of faith, we must assert that black lives matter because our societystill asserts that they do not.”
In addition to the Rev. Dr. Jones, the banner dedication service will include three other speakers: Andrea Durham, an attorney and member of the Unitarian Society of Germantown, which also has a “Black Lives Matter” banner; the Rev. Tom Beers of Central Baptist Church in Wayne, the first church in the surrounding community to display a “Black Lives Matter” banner; and attorney Anita Friday, who was featured in the cover story of the November edition of the Philadelphia Magazine, “Racial Profiling on the Main Line.”
About the Main Line Unitarian Church
Founded in 1958, the Main Line Unitarian Church is a member congregation of the UnitarianUniversalist Association. Like the other 1,040 UU congregations in the United States, Canada and overseas, MLUC is democratic in polity and operation; church members govern themselves, joining together in a seeking faith with an inclusive liberal religious tradition.Unitarian Universalism is dedicated to “deeds not creeds,” affirming the principles of human dignity, compassion, justice, reason, and inclusiveness instead of a religious dogma.
Having recently completed a 3.5 million building renovation fundraising campaign, the 600-plus members of MLUC have a mission that goes beyond walls and mortar: “Together, we transform lives through love, service, and our welcoming faith.”
The Main Line Unitarian Church is located at 816 South Valley Forge Road in Devon. In addition to two Sunday services, at 9:00 am and 11:00 am, the Church offers meditation groups and instruction, religious education classes and programs for all ages, a host of special lectures and programs, and social action initiatives that reach into neighboring communities and out into the world. For more information, call the Church at (610) 688.8332, or visit the website:

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