Choral Workshop for the Greater UU Philly Cluster

12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

If you like to sing, please come to the Choral Workshop on April 7!

The Choral Workshop is our first attempt at bringing together singers from the 14 congregations in the Greater Philly UU Cluster. Singers can come to the workshop as a group (e.g. your church’s choir) or simply as individual singers – everyone is welcome! If your church’s choir would like to sing a song or two at the workshop – great! Let us know what song(s) you’d like to sing.

So where is this workshop leading us? To a concert next church year (2018-2019) that will bring together the Cluster congregations. UU churches have a strong musical heritage, and we want to celebrate that by coming together in a collaborative celebration – a concert. Each choir that chooses to participate in the concert next year will have the opportunity to sing a song from their repertoire and then we will have a mass choir portion where we will all sing together. In order to iron out details and give everyone a chance to get questions answered and be involved in the planning, we are holding a Choral Workshop on Saturday, April 7th at the Main Line Unitarian Church. We will do some group music making, get to know each other, share repertoire ideas and form a steering community to help with the planning.

But what if my church doesn’t have a choir? Come to the workshop! All singers are welcome and will sing in the mass choir.

Flyer with more information.

Participants should register by March 23 at: , so we can get a headcount for materials, room setup, etc. However, late registrations and walk-ins are welcome.

If you have any questions, please contact Nate ( and Amy (

We look forward to hearing from you and singing with you on April 7!

Main Line Unitarian Church