Community Day

9:15 am - 12:45 pm

We Give Thanks for the Beloved Community with Our Annual CommUUnity Day!

9:15am – Spiritual Practice Workshops
10:30am – Intergenerational Service with Bread Communion
11:30am – All Church Sit-Down Brunch
Come join us as we continue our wonderful tradition of CommUUnity Day, a day of coming together and celebrating each other in anticipation of Thanksgiving.


Spiritual Practice Workshops – 9:15am – 10:15am
• Drumming in the Youth Lodge– the ancient power of the drum has been an integral part of so many spiritual practices for eons and with good cause – drumming resonates with the heart! No experience necessary and kids welcome. The very talented drummer and teacher Karen Smith returns to lead and teach and bring drummers into the service as well.

• QiGong in Sullivan 3 -QiGong is an ancient Chinese system of postures and breathing which works with Qi (energy/life force). Regular practice of QiGong has proven benefits for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life. QiGong can be adapted to meet anyone’s needs; practice can be done in a bed, sitting or standing, or modified to accommodate any ability. No prior experience necessary, all ages and abilities welcome. Paul Martin is a lifelong practitioner and teacher of QiGong.

• Everyday Spiritual Practice in Sullivan 1 – this is a new practice that is just getting started at USG on a regular basis. Come and explore if it is one that may help you in identifying the extraordinary in the ordinary. Based on the book of the same name, it explores activities (cooking, parenting, art and many others) that we all do but can experience in newer, deeper ways. Come and sample this program. Gale Gibbons is one of the regular participants and will show how easy it is to be part of this practice

• The Wannabe Choir Goes Buddy System in the Assembly Room– for all those who secretly want to sing in the choir or just don’t have time to do it regularly, here is your chance to pair up with one of our regular choristers and learn some songs to be part of the CommUUnity Day Service. See and hear what it’s like from the chancel! Maybe even think of singing on under the direction of our fabulous Musical Director, Mark Daugherty

Intergenerational Worship Service – 10:30am – 11:30am
A special service to celebrate our theme of relaxation and playfulness in community, which will incorporate our Spiritual Practices with a Drumming procession, music by the Wannabe Choir and others, a just right dose of QiGong for everyone, a sharing from Everyday Spiritual Practice, readings and meditation, Spirit of Life, and all good things together! Ending with our youngest UUs distributing our Bread Communion* which we will all share before we Pass the Peace and head on into…

All Church Sit-Down Brunch – 11:30am – 12:30am
Proceed into the Dining Room where a sumptuous feast of eggs, ham, vegetarian options, fruit, and breads will await you. An optional donation of $5 per person or $10 for a family (kids under 12 eat free) will be welcome, as will ALL of our worshippers and guests. Sit at tables with your old or new friends and have a leisurely brunch. Maybe even discuss those neat workshops you went to (but you don’t have to have gone to a workshop to join us for brunch…there is always next year!) Get home in time to watch the Eagles or do something useful or just chill out with the memories of another GREAT COMMUUNITY DAY IN OUR BELOVED COMMUNITY!

*This year our bread for Bread Communion will be distributed by our young people but it will come from YOU! Please bring some bread, maybe a special bread that only you can make or buy and drop it off in the Dining Room before the service. Gluten-free bread is already provided for. Don’t forget!

Really, Don’t Forget! We’re counting on you!

Unitarian Society of Germantown