Difficult Conversations – White Privilege, White Supremacy, White Fragility and Racism-RESCHEDULED for February 6

7:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Spots for participants are almost full but a waiting list can also be generated. And there will be room for many observers. This is perhaps the most challenging of all the Difficult Conversations we have had to date and vital to the healing of our society, our denomination and even our USG community. If you are interested in either participating or observing, please contact asd@usguu.org.

Difficult Conversations provides a place where people can honestly speak their hearts and minds, knowing that they will be heard respectfully and with judgment at least suspended, and then allow those with whom they may disagree to do the same. This is not about changing minds, winning debates or convincing others; it is about true, compassionate listening with the aim of understanding why people hold the positions they do, a first step toward truly moving forward together.

Unitarian Society of Germantown