ESC Spring Equinox/Ostara Planning Meeting

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Ostara is the Wheel of the Year sabbat that celebrates the Vernal Equinox, the balance of Nature, and fresh starts. ESC invites all who would like to help plan or present at our Ostara Celebration to join us on Zoom for this Planning Meeting.  This year’s theme is Intergenerational Balance represented by the Cailleach, the Winter Crone, and Brigid, the Spring Maid. For more information, contact the ESC coordinators at

Wheel of the Year Celebration Planning Meetings
Anyone interested in suggesting, presenting, or leading a celebration piece for the next sabbat is welcome to attend. Linked here is the EarthSpirit Circle Planning Meeting and Celebration Schedule for 2022.

For more information about EarthSpirit Circle, please visit our webpage, linked here.

ESC Mailing List
For more information on EarthSpirit Circle at the United Society of Germantown, or to be added to our Planning Meeting and/or Wheel of the Year Celebrations Notification email lists and receive the Zoom link for our gatherings, contact the ESC Coordinators at


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