Ego Transcendence In Person Meditation Retreat

10:00 am - 4:30 pm

with Josh Korda & Kathy Cherry

     As the Buddha noted throughout the dharma, our fixation of “How do I compare with others?” “What will happen to me in the future?” “What do others think of me?” is the root cause of Papañca, the intrusive, repetitive thinking that underlies suffering. In this daylong retreat we’ll review contemplative and somatic embodiment practices as well as contemporary psychological based tools to overcome self-fixation and gain access to a core drive to connect with the transpersonal serenity of being, inspire curiosity in our existence, and become kinder to our core beings.
     This is an in-person retreat appropriate for both new and experienced practitioners.

Josh & Kathy’s last retreat saw nearly 100 registrants, so act fast here:

USG Edna Jones Assembly Room