Everyday Spiritual Practice

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Join us for the next session of Everyday Spiritual Practice at USG in the Sullivan Chapel, a program based on the book by the same name, a collection of 38 essays by prominent UU ministers and laypeople.
Join this monthly discussion and reflection, as you can. February’s session will focus on “Everyday Relationships” (p. 153). We will have copies of the chapter at the class.

Here are a few thoughts to consider, and of course, we will have others!

1.  Rev. Mauldin suggests that when you are with someone you care for, take a long look at that person – really know that the person is there. Describe an occasion when you have done this. How did doing  this affect your thoughts and feelings?

2.  Describe a time when you found that your letting go of an attachment was beneficial in a close relationship.

3.  Describe a time in your life when thinking about, experiencing, or declaring a commitment to another person was, for you, part of a spiritual practice.

Questions? asd@usguu.org

Unitarian Society of Germantown