Everyday Spiritual Practices, Session 1

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

An exciting new program is coming to USG! Everyday Spiritual Practice is a program based on the book of the same name, a collection of 38 essays by prominent UU ministers and laypeople. We are pleased to have Robert Schindler from our UU neighbor in Cherry Hill coming to launch this program which will consist of a series of stand-alone discussions of how spirituality can be present in everyday activities – such as exercising, traveling to work, talking with our children, preparing and eating family meals, working in the garden, saving mementos, and many others.
He will be with us at the Water Ceremony and In Gathering Service on September 8 and will be available after the service to answer questions and offer the book for sale. The first discussion group session will be the following Saturday, September 14, from 10:30 to noon in Sullivan Chapel. Topics and schedule of subsequent meetings will be agreed upon at that meeting.
The ASD Committee is offering lots of meditation programs this fall, but meditation is not the only spiritual practice. Come and learn about other practices that can be alternatives to or complement meditation. At least 38 more to choose from, come and shop around. Get something nice for your soul!
Questions? asd@usguu.org

USG Sullivan Chapel