Exploring Elderhood

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

At our April meeting, join us for a conversation about Transitions. We’ll engage in the USG Transition Team Chats for the first part of the meeting and then talk about Transitions in general – in our lives, in those around us, in the seasons. How do we face life’s many transitions, whether we put them into motion or they take us by surprise? What have our experiences taught us? 

This program meets once a month, every 2nd Friday at 2PM, currently on Zoom. Its purpose is to celebrate the path, with emphasis on the spiritual path, of all who are aging (that’s all of us!) but especially those who consider themselves Elders (or wannabe Elders) and is open USG members, guest and visitors with no minimum age.

Zoom invitations always go to the whole email list. If you are not getting invitations and want to join us, email elderhood@usguu.org with Subject: Join Elders. No two programs are the same; come and see what the Elders are up to this time!  


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