Men’s Retreat

5:00 pm - 12:00 pm

The Annual USG Men’s Retreat is coming soon. YAY!!

The date for the event is November 3 – 5, and it will be held at the same place as last year, the Temenos Retreat Center (} near West Chester, PA.

The agenda will be run, in large part, by Kent Matthies, our minister at USG, and Jason Bender, USG’s Director of Spiritual Development. The topic is “mindfulness”, a powerful, modern, mental and spiritual discipline that brings a focus on each current moment to the center of our consciousness and makes “the power of now” the seed of both meaning and joy in life.

As a USG member and participant in last year’s retreat, I can affirm that this is a very powerful, connecting experience. A bunch of guys (approx. 20 – 25) get together and spend a weekend talking, learning, worshipping, singing, playing, hiking, connecting with one another and having fun. It is not something I would ever want to miss.

After last year’s retreat, I personally felt much more attached to both USG and the community of men that joined me at Temenos on that very enriching weekend. I hope we have all of you there again this time. 

The cost for the weekend is $200. To sign up online, follow these steps:

1  Go to the USG home page

2. Page down to the “Online Payment Center” on the right side of the home page and click on the “Payment Center” link. That will take you to a page with several payment options for a variety of contributions and activities.

3. Under the section titled “Special Events and Projects” you will find a line titled “Men’s Retreat”. That is where you make your payment. 

We look forward to seeing you, meeting you, and having a bunch of fun!

Tim Beckham

Men’s Retreat Planning Group

Temenos Community