Philadelphia Organ Festival at USG

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

In a city known for its many firsts, Partners for Sacred Places is excited to invite you to Philadelphia’s first major organ festival! The festival will highlight the organ’s ability to inspire composers, artists, and audiences—a unique opportunity to explore the city and its sounds. Experience some of the city’s finest historic organs and landmark sacred places, as these inspired performances bring together music across centuries and genres. You’ll hear the organ as a partner in chamber music, in vocal works old and new, with period instruments, and in unlikely pairings with percussion and contemporary music ensembles. And in two special events, you will hear the organ provide a thrilling soundtrack for history-making silent films. 

For more info on the whole series and the concert at USG, visit their website.

USG members can attend the USG concert for free. 

USG - Sanctuary