Post Election USG Community Gathering

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Hosted by Rev Kent Matthies

So many of us are worked diligently to get out and protect fair voting. USG will be a safe and welcoming polling place on Election Day. We also know that it is very possible that the day after the election, the final results of the Presidential election will remain unknown. Come together for this zoom gathering – on the evening AFTER election day – where we will work to meet the following goals:

-clarify the most accurate information possible about the status of the elections.
-create a safe, respectful environment for people to share feelings and thoughts. 
-engage spiritual practices to reduce stress and anxiety in body, mind and spirit. 
-explore how we can continue and increase our public witness and justice work around this election.

Zoom link:

Unitarian Society of Germantown

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