POWER Education Day of Action in Harrisburg

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

USG members are urged to join the “Education Apartheid Day of Action” in Harrisburg to lobby for “full funding” for public schools. Our Director of Spiritual Development Ryan Hurd will attend; if children 10 years or older wish to attend without parents, please contact Ryan at dsd@usguu.org.

We hope to have most USG participants ride on the POWER bus leaving at 8:45am from Germantown Jewish Center (returning by 5:45pm). (Once it is full, other buses will be available at several other NW Philly and nearby suburban locations.)  For details and required registration go to powerinterfaith.org and sign up. Details of all bus stops will appear as you register.

This is a major statewide mobilization pressing legislators to put ALL public education funding through the Fair Funding Formula which has already been adopted. However, up to now only a small fraction of those funds are applied using the Fair Funding Formula guidelines. This approach needs to change so that Philadelphia schools can receive its fair share of state funding.

Our rally at the Main Rotunda of the Capitol Building will be followed by visits to our legislators to make sure our voices are heard.

If you are car-pooling, please inform Dennis Brunn, coordinator of USG’s Local Organizing Committee (LOC): power@usguu.org.


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