POWER Racial Justice Lecture & Conversation

12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join POWER for a full day of Racial Justice Lecture and Conversation programming with Amanda K Gross! Come to one or more of our programs. 

Amanda K. Gross is an anti-racist organizer based in Pittsburgh, PA and a weaver of people, ideas, and threads. As the author and creative director of MistressSyndrome.com, she blogs about the interconnectedness of racism, patriarchy, capitalism, and white womanhood and is currently working on a book on that same theme. Amanda is a certified yoga instructor at the 200 hour RYT level trained by YogaRoots On Location’s Anti-Racist Raja Yoga Teacher Training. She is a resource trainer with the People’s Institute for Survival & Beyond and is Program Director for the American Friends Service Committee Pittsburgh program where she supports the work of Youth Undoing Institutional Racism Pittsburgh which organizes to dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline and co-create holistic alternatives.


Luncheon – White Women Get Ready – 12:00 PM

Brief Description: Never before in our history have white women as a collective been so well-positioned to affect social change. In this call to action, Amanda K Gross will share from her own journey what it has meant to unpack and leverage her white womanhood with accountability towards the goal of ending racism and reclaiming humanity.

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Afternoon Session – Afromations & Analysis: Lessons in Anti-Racist Intergenerational Youth-Focused Organizing – 1:30 PM

Brief Description: For the past five years Youth Undoing Institutional Racism has used the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond’s Undoing Racism analysis and principles to organize to disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Pittsburgh, PA. Come hear lessons from this multi-racial, intergenerational youth-focused organizing work and about our shift away from the burnout of activism and towards a more holistic model, grounded in healing justice and creative practice.

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Evening Session – The White Police Officer in my Upper Right Shoulder: Healing and the Impact of Multi-Generational Trauma in the Body – 6:00 PM

Brief Description: Contemporary science is now catching up with what many spiritual practices have known for centuries; we store memories of trauma in our physical bodies as well as through our cultural inheritance. In this interactive evening session, we will explore the impact of multi-generational trauma in our cultural somatic context and how it shows up in our human bodies.

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