Racism Book Study Group

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

For September, we are reading Black Pioneers in a White Denomination, by Mark Morrison Reed, who uses the stories of two pioneering black Unitarian ministers to illustrate the widespread and disturbing problem of racism in Unitarian Universalism.

The group began in July. It will generally meet monthly on first or second Wednesdays. It will be sharing and listening until everyone has had a chance to share once and then discussion. All are welcome and asked to do the reading in advance.  We have read UUs of Color and Centering.

Treva Burger leads the group, contact her with questions or if you would like to buy a book from her, trevawb@gmail.com. There will be a couple of each book to loan. If you would be interested in additional sessions on UUs of Color or Centering, please let her know. Possible dates are second or fourth Mondays or fourth Wednesdays or a Sunday after the service.

USG - Sullivan Chapel-3