Share Your Thoughts with the Music Director Search Committee

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Interested in the future of music at USG?
Please make your voice heard. Join us at a meeting on
  • Sunday April 3, 11:30am (after worship), in the sanctuary or on zoom (use the worship link and stay on zoom after the service ends)
  • Zoom meeting, Tuesday evening, April 5 at 7:30 pm.
Or send your thoughts by email to
We are interested in the answers to the following questions and anything else you could like to share:
  1. What kinds of music (genres, instruments, singers, styles, or specific songs or examples) do you like and listen to in your everyday life? How, where, and when do you listen to music each day? What kinds of music did you grow up with?
  2. What music would bring you meaning in worship services? When gathering for meetings or covenant groups? For sharing in RE? For listening to at social events? For singing alone for meditation?
  3. Can you remember a piece of music you experienced at USG that was particularly moving? What can you recall about that experience?
  4. Has music at USG ever made you feel left out of the “we” being created? If yes, can you remember an example? If no, if music has always made you feel included, can you tell us how that felt and provide an example?
  5. How might music be part of all aspects of USG?  How would you like to see music involved in USG activities beyond worship?
  6. How do you or would you engage in music at USG? 
  7. How can we create meaningful music at USG that speaks to a wide diversity of people and helps us in our mission to widen the circle and build beloved community?


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