Telling Our Stories… 200 Years of Universalist History

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The 2023 Universalist Convocation will meet in Philadelphia, PA at Unitarian Universalists of Mount Airy.

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Featuring Rev. Dr. Bill Sinkford and Dr. Dan McKanan

Saturday Night Concert with Reggie Harris

Organized in 1820, we are the last historically Universalist Church remaining in Philadelphia. For most of our history, we were known as the Church of the Restoration, and we are debuting our new name to the Convocation this year. We are located in the Northwest section of Philadelphia, called Mt. Airy, though our congregation has existed at several locations before building our current home in the late 1930’s. When this building was completed, the tradespeople who built the church were so grateful to have steady work in the Depression that they contributed a lovely stained glass window featuring their likenesses…alongside another famous 1930s era pop culture character. We also boast a Universalist History Window that is beautiful to behold. The windows, iron finishings, pews, and lights made by skilled labor that created our spiritual home look forward to welcoming you to our community. Please watch the Universalist Convocation website for information registration for the upcoming weekend gathering.



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