The Country We Want to Be: A Faith-Based Reflection

12:00 am - 8:30 pm

The Country We Want to Be: A Faith-Based Reflection on Immigrants and Refugees in the 21st Century

A Lecture by Donald M. Kerwin
Executive Director of the Center for Migration Studies, New York City

Friday, April 13th
7:00 – 8:30 pm

Main Room of the SugarLoaf Chateau of Chestnut Hill College
9220 Germantown Avenue at the Corner of Bells Mill Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19118

For the last 26 years, Donald Kerwin, an attorney, has been working to safeguard the rights of immigrants and refugees, first with CLINIC, a Catholic legal services network that serves low-income immigrants, and later at the Migration Policy Institute, a major research center. Since 2008 he has been at the Center for Migration Studies, a Catholic think tank devoted to the study of international migration and the promotion of understanding between immigrants and receiving communities. He is an expert on policy analysis, and has served as an advisor and board member
with many national organizations.

This lecture is sponsored by the Bretschneider Lecture Endowment and the New Sanctuary Committee of Saint Vincent de Paul in Germantown, and the Institute for Forgiveness and Reconciliation of Chestnut Hill College as part of its series “Cultivating Compassion: Doing the Work Our Times Demand.”

SugarLoaf Chateau