USG Annual Seder on Zoom

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Due to the current uptick of Covid in the area, we have decided to hold this year’s Seder via Zoom only. This was a difficult decision.

Our USG Seder gathering usually consists of a larger group of people (anywhere from 20 to 45 over past years). As this sacred night includes reading the Haggadah out loud and eating of ritual food, we decided that it may feel too awkward or compromising to folks given the current uptick of Covid. We also don’t have a good capacity to make such an event available for both in-person and virtual.

Hence, please feel warmly invited to attend our third VIRTUAL Seder celebration. We will celebrate Passover and the liberation of Israelites/Jews from the slavery of ancient Egypt. We will celebrate the call for liberation from all forms of oppression. Together we will read the Haggadah and share singing roles. We will not be together in person, but we will be strongly connected in spirit. Zoom details to come. And there are virtually unlimited seats!


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