We Stand with Ukraine Vigil

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Russia’s war against Ukraine has entered its third. Vigil organizer Mary Kalyna has a cousin who asked that we not forget them and we will not. 

“Especially in this moment, when apathy and cynicism try to convince us that our actions are irrelevant and do not matter in the face of “larger forces,” our engagement and our principled voices are more important than ever. I am so looking forward to the camaraderie of being with you again, as well as exchanging smiles and waves and honks with the drivers on Lincoln Drive, communicating a simple and hopeful human message: We are here for each other. We will continue to be here.”
Mary Kalyna 
USG Vigil Coordinator

P.S. If the weather looks iffy, please check the FB event page, or send an email to solidarity@usguu.org

Unitarian Society of Germantown