Women’s Retreat at Murray Grove

3:00 pm

The First Annual Women’s Retreat at Murray Grove will be a weekend of compassion and humor, reflection and action. Connection, Worship, Music, Dance, Food, Outdoor Activities, Crafts, Yoga…Multi-congregational. Registration is now open!

This Spiritual Women’s Retreat at Murray Grove provides a weekend at our beautiful, sacred center where friends will share quality time, reflection, and laughter. We will stop at nothing to provide: fabulous food, a variety of recreational activities, soulful workshops and inspiring fellowship.


This gathering includes two nights single or shared room style accommodation at Murray Grove, six meals, and workshop expenses.

Single occupancy:
By midnight Sept. 9th – $300
After Sept. 9th – $350

Double occupancy:
By midnight Sept. 9th – $225
After Sept. 9th – $275

Commuter Rate (meals and workshops only): $150

Come and experience the magic that is Murray Grove while getting very much needed sister time! 

Go to murraygrove.org to find more information about workshops and to register.


Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center