A Letter from USG’s Board President, March, 2018

We are here for you.

That means many things:        

  • Sunday service, providing a steady flow of ideas and music for the mind and spirit;
  • The spectrum of programs and activities that let each of you match an interest—or a need—to a setting, a group, or an activity that fills or enhances your life;
  • Fellow USGers, who give warmth, friendship, personal and intellectual stimulus to each of you;
  • And perhaps most important: that sense of belonging to a community whose purpose supports and resonates deeply with you, and enriches your spiritual life.

You also must be here for us–for USG.

We need your support for all the ways we lift up the entire congregation, and all the ways we support you. Through an inspiring church building, though one that needs lots of care; through dedicated, warm and spirit-lifting staff, there day after day to meet the needs of all; through the wonderful programs and activities that serve us, as individuals and as a congregation. Through a rich program for USG’s children.

Pledging is your way to be here for us.

The pledges we receive from you are the indispensable core of USG’s financial stability. They permit us to serve USGers in myriad ways, to reach out into the community with our message, and to give help to individuals when it’s needed. Your giving is an essential part of the life of USG. Please make your pledge a generous one, reflecting the giving nature of our congregation, and your gratitude for all that USG means to you.


Susan Smith

USG Board President