Our Transition to Services in the Sanctuary

Our first Sunday Services back in the Sanctuary will be on 10/31 and 11/7. We will then be outside again for our Services on 11/14 and 11/21. Starting 11/28, we will be back in the Sanctuary for the foreseeable future.

On 10/31 and 11/7, we will be forgoing live music and singing in the Sanctuary, and relying on videos. On 10/31 we will be projecting video of Mariachi Flores on the big screen in the Sanctuary as part of our Day of the Dead celebration. On 11/7 we will be showing Mark Daugherty’s Greatest Hits videos to celebrate Mark’s many years of musical excellence here at USG.

What should you do?
Arrive early– we will only allow 75 people in the Sanctuary
Kindly accept that we may ask you to watch the service on Zoom in the Assembly Room where we will have overflow seating
Wear a mask– it’s mandatory
Be vaccinated if eligible– We recommend that everyone who comes to the church be fully vaccinated, if eligible. Children who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated may attend with parents or adult family members. We warmly invite you to join us on Zoom if you are not fully vaccinated. And please get vaccinated if you are eligible.  
Dress warmly– we may have windows and doors open 
Volunteer– We need ushers who will distribute Orders of Service, ensure that congregants sign in on our tracing sheets, and help us ensure we are adhering to our current capacity limits
Be flexible and understanding as we work out the inevitable kinks that will arise with yet another transition
A Note On Air Quality: The Building and Grounds Team has been working diligently for months in preparation for indoor services at USG.  Several windows have been repaired or replaced to allow for natural ventilation and a professional engineering evaluation of the building’s heating, cooling, and ventilation systems was procured.  Long term plans include the possibility of renovating the original mechanical ventilation system in the Sanctuary. Meanwhile, box fans with either one or four (quad) MERV-13 filters attached are being strategically placed around the Sanctuary to move and mechanically clean the air. In addition, the fans in the four AC units will be turned on low for additional air flow and a quad filter fan will be placed in the Narthex. These filter fans will be situated for maximum benefit and should not be moved. Similar measures to improve air quality have been taken and continue to be taken in other parts of the building. The B&G committee’s plans can be found here.