Petition to Help Local Sanctuary Families

Dear Friends,

I have a special request for you.

As many of you know I’ve been visiting 2 families that are in Sanctuary at the First Methodist Church in Germantown. My friend Beverly Lucas called me one day and said her church needed help translating something for a Honduran family and here I’m now asking you to help me. So life goes…

I know the issue of immigration is a difficult one, but I also know that my father left Spain and found a new home in a new continent more than 50 years ago and when my turn came, I left my home and my family in Honduras to find a new home and new friends in this wonderful country. Dani and Nico have grandparents from Spain, Switzerland, U.S., and Honduras. Looking at the families in Sanctuary, I cannot help but reflect how very lucky my family is and how much I’ve been given in my new country.

I’m not much for joining causes, but you never know where life will call you to serve and at this time service means visiting Suyapa and her 4 children. Suyapa left Honduras with her two little girls (Jennifer (13) and Jamie (8)), fleeing for their lives. Since then she has had two more babies, (Jason (3) and Junior (1).)  Suyapa was denied asylum and, afraid of being separated from her children, she entered the sanctuary at the church.

Oneita and Clive are a very hard-working family from Jamaica. They have also been denied asylum and for now, live at the church with two minor children.

Oneita and Clive are from NJ so we’re trying to reach the senators from NJ and PA. The goal is to get 10,000 signatures in the next two months to present their cases to senators in NJ and PA and see if we can get immigration officials to revisit their asylum cases. We need as many people as we can get to sign the petition. So I ask you to take a few minutes today and to please sign the petition and if you want, to pass it to your friends and family. Below is an email you can send to make it easier.

Here is the link to sign the petition

The families cook delicious meals for a dinner every fourth Friday at the church, or you can also donate money for the church ( and the  New Sanctuary organization or if you know of a church or organization that would be willing to send the petition to their member please let me know.

Thank You so much for your help.

With all my love and gratitude,

Liz Cruz-Kaegi