Publication of a new Cynthia Claus book: Ice Cream & Pretzels & Other Stories

Cynthia Claus, long-time USG member, is celebrating the publication of her second book in a year!

She announced her first book, An Orchid Sari: The Personal Diary of an American Mom in 1960s India, in early July of 2017.  Now her second book, Ice Cream & Pretzels and Other Stories: A Memoir, is in print (and on Kindle)! In 17 candid sketches and one poem, Cynthia invites the reader to go back with her into her family of origin to revisit her physician parents, whose lives were impacted in unexpected and far-reaching ways by her father’s service in World War II, and into her life with them and her two younger sisters. Always honest, she tells it like it was—the good, the bad, and the very bad—with feeling and new understanding, and eventually forgiveness. Vintage personal photographs of the characters and locations add texture to the narrative.

If you’d like to learn more about Ice Cream & Pretzels, go to Cynthia’s personal website, You can buy the book ($11.99) or the Kindle edition ($9.99) from there.