Rev. Kent’s Prayer to the PA State Senate, May 8, 2019

I want to share the prayer I gave on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 to the PA Senate. My hope (ok I can even say prayer) is that it is a prayer that resonates for many of us throughout our nation.

Prayer given to Pennsylvania State Senate
By Rev. Kent Matthies of
Unitarian Society of Germantown
Serving as PA Senate Chaplain on May 8, 2019

Standing in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, I offer this prayer. I warmly invite you to translate the spirit of the prayer to the tradition which you honor.

Spirit of Life
Come unto us
Sing in our hearts 
All the stirrings of compassion
Blow in the wind
Rise in the sea
Move in the hand 
Giving life the shape of justice

Spirit of Life, sing in our hearts all the stirrings of compassion and empowerment to do the work we are called to do.

May we give life the shape of justice – by fixing our crumbling, under-resourced schools, by welcoming home citizens returning from prison to our neighborhoods, offering them a true second chance including a good job and fair housing.

May we give life the shape of justice – by ensuring that people who put in a hard day’s work are paid a living, dignified wage; by making all of our neighborhoods safe from gun violence and supporting all people struggling with addiction; by serving as responsible stewards of Mother Earth – reducing carbon emissions before it is too late.

May we live by the wisdom that only by paying attention to and accompanying those amongst us with the least economically, do we become leaders with integrity and spiritual wealth.

May we embrace each other as one, united human family. Strengthening the ties that bind all of us – may we rise together on the winds of hope, courage and love.

Blessings Be. Amen.