Blessings of Change, Rev. Kent Matthies

Our Sunday service now begins at 10:30am and we begin multi-platform worship this Sunday. You can join us under our big tent in our Johnson St parking lot (GPS address 359 W Johnson St, Phila PA 19144). All of our outdoor Service guidelines can be found here.

Click BELOW to see or print the 8.5×11″ two-page Order of Service for September 5, 2021.

One of the only consistent parts of life is change. Causing us to both cry and laugh, the Covid pandemic has reinforced this truism. Many of us are exhausted by the unpredictability of change in our lives. The best answers to these challenges come from spirituality. For example, within Buddhism, Mayahyana Wisdom teaches people to “acquire practical knowledge of non-attachment. Devote yourself to service of others. Cherish holiness of body, speech, and mind.”

The Covid era, with such huge changes, provides a tremendous opportunity for all of us to detach more from material things and outcomes. Now is a superb time to go deeper in spiritual practices, connecting our bodies, minds, and spirits with the miracle of life.