Speaker: Rev. Kent Matthies

Summer Fun? Rev. Kent Matthies

Is summertime fun still a thing during many layers of crisis?  In some ways, no.  However, we still find ourselves here on earth with the faith commitment to explore, enjoy, and share this goodness of life.  How are you having fun and enjoying life these days? … read more.

Compassion Matters! Rev Kent Matthies

Mounting scientific evidence indicates that receiving compassion helps medical patients recover better.  However, many studies show that in the US health system this ingredient too often goes missing.  The increasing clarity of the positive impact of active caring -in all areas of life – exemplifies … read more.

Bouncing Back, Rev. Kent Matthies

How do you prepare for, adapt to, and recover from stress? Resilience includes the ability to take life as it comes, the good with the bad, the ability to get knocked down and get back up, the ability to remember but not resent. Being resilient is … read more.