Speaker: Rev. Kent Matthies

Bouncing Back, Rev. Kent Matthies

How do you prepare for, adapt to, and recover from stress? Resilience includes the ability to take life as it comes, the good with the bad, the ability to get knocked down and get back up, the ability to remember but not resent. Being resilient is … read more.

#MeToo, Dr. King, Rev. Kent Matthies

The new movie Bombshell depicts female employees at Fox News who were insulted, abused, assaulted and then terrorized to not stand up for themselves.  Studies indicate that over 30% of women in the United States have experienced domestic violence.  This is absolutely terrible and … read more.

Be Who You Are, Rev. Kent Matthies

Buddhists talk about radical acceptance of self.  Daoists talk about the true essence of being.  An African proverb talks of singing your song.  Unitarian Universalist minister Forrest Church said, “Be who you are.” All these spiritual teachings can guide us to healthy, peaceful and … read more.