Let There Be Peace on Earth, Charles Gabriel

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Searching for the meaning of life and creation is a fool’s errand with no provable outcome. Let us, instead, search for peace, which is a difficult but rewarding effort.

Unfortunately, we had technical problems in recording the entire service. Luckily, Charles Gabriel’s words are here:

Charles Gabriel was raised in the Catholic Church, wandered aimlessly through a 35-year period of atheism and finally developed a spiritual center to his life through the 12-step program influence of Nar-Anon and Al-Anon.

Charles joined USG in October 2004 and has held several volunteer positions including member of the elevator project committee, Budget & Finance Committee member, Buildings & Grounds committee co-chair, Strategic Planning Council chair and Board of Trustees member.

Currently Charles sings in the USG choir and is now retired from church leadership. Today is Charles’ twelfth sermon at USG plus one sermon at UU Church of the Restoration.