Crisis Creates Opportunity ~ ONLINE Lori Tharps, Rev. Kent Matthies, Mark Daugherty

Here’s a link to the final song. You Tube stripped it out because we didn’t have permission to use it in our service.

This Sunday, the hymns “Spirit of Life” and “Wade in the Water” will be shown on screen or in Chat.

We have pandemic, recession, the murder of another unarmed black man by police, rebellion, and violence – and let’s just add a derecho and power outage. Crisis in the United States goes back not only to 1619, when the first 50 slaves were brought from Africa to Jamestown. Crisis goes back at least to the first Europeans arriving at the shores of the continent to violently drive Native Americans out. 

Can we engage THIS crisis and THIS moment to bond across divides and create systemic and sustainable change for true freedom, justice and equality for all in our nation? Our faith calls us to give everything we have to make it so!