Healing through Thanksgiving, Rev. Kent Matthies

Give thanks for the low, precious autumn sun. Give thanks for November rain plopping down on crunchy fallen leaves. In this imperfect world, with such painful dimness, your senses can provide a refuge of healing…and we can find healing through giving thanks and giving of ourselves. This includes USG providing relief to folks struggling during this pandemic and recession. 

Sadly, due to Covid and not holding worship services in person, this year we are not able to have our children bake and pass out bread in person, as we have for many consecutive years. However, we invite and encourage you to have bread or a baked good ready to partake in a virtual bread communion from the safety of your home.  

Please note that copyright laws will mean that some elements of the service cannot be recorded – so we hope that you can see the service live in its entirety on Sunday morning.