Poems of the Miraculous, Guest Speaker Peter Walsh

CLICK HERE to access the Sunday service which begins at 10:00am. Ingathering Music and a slideshow of announcements begins at 9:50am.

Peter Walsh has recently published a book of poems entitled Evolution: Dreams of Time Passing. This Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend, he will read poems selected under the title “Poems of the Miraculous,” miraculous meaning something exceedingly surprising, wonderful, awe-inspiring, such as trees, the migration of geese, the beauty of the earth, music, mathematics, physics, quantum mechanics, and cosmology.

Peter Walsh has been a member of the Unitarian Society of Germantown since 1973, when he, his wife, Marny and their children, Steve, Kathy and Beth, moved to Philadelphia from England. He has worked at Temple University School of Medicine as a physician and scientist. For more than thirty-five years he has been writing poetry, some of which he has shared with members of the Church in sixteen previous services.