Stories Are Not Only For Children, Tom Ott

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We live our lives on a continuum. From birth until the end the only constant is change. Too often I think we are so busy living in the moment that we forget how we got here. That’s understandable but mistaken. We are the sum total of the stories that make up our lives. Put another way, we cannot really know where we are without knowing where we came from, and we cannot know where we came from without understanding the stories that got us here.

Tom Ott has been attending USG since 2007. He has been a two term Board member (4 years as president) and active in a number of church committees, including presently as Chair of the Worship Arts committee, from which he is retiring. Tom has delivered four homilies over the last few years, each attempting to explore what being part of this Beloved Community can mean in recognizing where the Spirit may reside. In this, his last homily, Tom will explore the power of stories in our lives.