From Awe to Integrity: Right Relations with our UU Heritage, Caroline Bright

As we transition from our December theme of “Awe” to our January theme of “Integrity”, we are still journeying through the Christmas season. Unitarians and Universalists have an important shared Biblical heritage and Christian foundations that we, as a people who seek awe and aspire to integrity, can’t ignore if we want to maintain right relations with our past. Come join us for a joyful and sincere spin through Unitarian Universalist history as we examine our past and see how it can inform our vision for the future.  

Caroline Bright is a Master of Divinity student at Meadville-Lombard Theological School, one of two Unitarian Universalist seminaries remaining in the United States. A Vermont native, she is proud to live in Philadelphia and to be a member of Unitarian Society of Germantown. More information can be found on Instagram @CarolineBright or on