Speaker: Intern Minister Connie Simon

Blessed Mess, Rev. Kent Matthies

Planning holiday meals or visiting with friends or family can lead to deep satisfaction and beautiful memories. The holidays can also mean unmet expectations and needs. Many times, we have to let go of previous hopes and accept new realities. Can we accept the imperfections … read more.

Thanksgiving Bread Communion – Rev. Kent Matthies with Music Director Mark Daugherty & CommUUnity Day Drummers, Singers, Yoga Sadhakas, Poets, Storybook Makers, & Chanters

As an important part of an enriching, multi-generational Community Day we will celebrate a meaningful, participatory Thanksgiving bread communion. At all ages, we go through exciting and challenging situations. Regardless of circumstance we can do what we can to give back to life with … read more.

Coming back to…Rev Kent Matthies

One of the most enriching elements of Kent’s sabbatical was learning about and practicing mindfulness, commonly defined as “paying attention to the present, without rejecting or attaching”.  He will share some of his experiences, which include the simple, but powerful truth that he can always … read more.