USG Has Changed My Life, Two Times, Kay Weiser

The first: Jump into a time capsule with me and let’s go back to the fall of 1986. I was a 47 year old, separated from my husband after 19 years of marriage, a mother of two teenagers, teaching and living in Elkins Park. Besides therapy, I knew I needed a spiritual community. In the past, I had heard of Unitarianism so I found USG (actually, through the Yellow Pages!) The Reverends Marguerite Lovett and Bill Gardiner and many USG members provided a safe and supportive environment for the exploration of my religious beliefs. I bought a home in West Mt. Airy and totally embraced a new-found freedom, stronger liberal views and found outlets for pushing Social Justice and equality issues. USG offered fertile ground for my significant growth and change.

After about seven years, I found another inter-faith community in Doylestown and stopped attending USG.

Now, fast forward 20 plus years – another marriage/divorce, my children’s marriages, six grandchildren, retirement, travel … LIFE! We make a stop at USG on the first Sunday of January, 2013 – the yearly Jazz Funeral welcoming the New Year.

As I entered the Narthex doors, I immediately felt I had come back home. I noticed that under Reverend Kent’s influence and care, the service had changed in blending the mind with the heart. I wanted more. I knew I could be at home at USG in an involved and committed way this time – my involvement would be with both donations of time and money.

The 7 Principles offered a firmer meaning this time – they became a compass for my ethical and moral beliefs, offering more richness and depth to my life. Stepping Up/Volunteering, in a different way, became a new mantra for me.

How fortunate I am that I can serve and be in this community that I believe in. USG is a place of stimulation, caring, compassion and expansion; it strives to be a beloved community. This is the place I can be my authentic self and be accepted and loved.

I am filled with gratitude and deeply honored to be a six-year member of USG.

Thank you. Amen. Blessed Be.

Kay Weiser