CLICK HERE to see USG’s Current Protocols based on Community Risk Level.

Current CDC risk level is MEDIUM (9/30/22). CDC updates its risk levels on Thursdays. USG will implement any necessary changes on the following Monday.

Protocols are set by USG’s COVID Task Force, which includes four healthcare professionals.

If you have any questions, please contact the USG office at or call at 215-844-1157.

Members of the COVID Task Force: Carla Campbell, MD; Jody Hill, CRNP; Jeff Jaeger, MD; Mary Schuler, MD; Bill Dowdall (chair); Mrs. Latifah Griffin-Rogers and Celeste Lamb

Members of the Moving Ahead Steering Committee: Dev Howerton; Celeste Lamb; Andrea Parry (chair)

USG’s Moving Ahead Steering Committee and Covid Task Force regularly revisit and update USG’s Covid Protocols and Policies, based on guidelines from the CDC, the state of Pennsylvania, and the city of Philadelphia.

What if you test positive for Covid? Or had exposure to Covid? Guidelines from the CDC

Medical Exemption from Vaccine Requirements 5.24.22

USG Zoom Meeting Request Form

Want to signal that you are being extra cautious regarding Covid-19? Pick up an orange sticker at almost any entrance to USG.