Please join us in-person or on Zoom.

USG’s COVID Task Force, which includes four healthcare professionals, has advised the Moving Ahead Steering Committee (MASC) that the risk is now low enough that we can return to in-person worship and other in-person indoor activities, along with the Zoom option for those who prefer not to come in person. Hooray! There is more below about how this decision was reached.

In tandem with this decision, the Board of Trustees has established an important new Covenant for COVID Safety:

USG welcomes you to participate in the life of our spiritual community. If you enter the building, you agree with loving kindness that:

 you and anyone with you who is age 5 or older are fully vaccinated. If you are eligible for a booster, you have had at least one booster

• you will wear a mask covering your nose and mouth in accordance with USG requirements

• you will follow all other COVID Safety Protocols and requirements, including social distancing, that USG may have in place at that time, and

• you are free of COVID symptoms or recent known exposure to COVID.

If you are not fully vaccinated, we warmly invite you to participate in Zoom services every Sunday and in other USG activities on Zoom. And please get vaccinated and boosted if you are eligible.

The COVID Task Force looked at multiple factors in making the decision to reopen the building. The UUA now recommends that decisions about returning to in-person activities be guided not by metrics such as case numbers, but rather by factors including sustained falling case rates validated by falling case positivity rates; how local hospitals are doing; the building ventilation; etc. The data on the COVID Act Now website shows a sharp downward trend in case numbers and hospitalizations. Our city, area, and state are no longer in the top risk category. At least one major area hospital system is resuming elective surgery. USG now has good indoor ventilation, thanks to the hard work of B&G. We will continue to require indoor masking and social distancing. And the Covenant for COVID Safety provides a strong additional layer of protection, as vaccination reduces the risk of severe illness as well as the likelihood of transmission.

What to expect when you come to USG in person:

We should all be vaccinated except for children under age 5, and boosted if we are eligible for boosters, as we covenant when we enter the building. We should all be free of COVID symptoms and have no recent known exposure to COVID. We will wear masks covering our noses and mouths.  N-95, KN-95, and surgical masks provide the best protection against the Omicron variant of Covid-19; cloth masks, neck gaiters, and scarves are not recommended. We will keep a 3-foot distance between units or pods and will comply with the capacity limitations set for various spaces in the building. We will hold off on eating and drinking in the building except for water. Happily, we will resume congregational singing, which many of us have missed, on a limited basis. 

If you have any questions, please contact the USG office at or call at 215-844-1157.

Members of the COVID Task Force: Carla Campbell, MD; Jody Hill, CRNP; Jeff Jaeger, MD; Mary Schuler, MD; Bill Dowdall (chair); Ryan Hurd; Celeste Lamb; Rev. Kent Matthies

Members of the Moving Ahead Steering Committee: Dev Howerton; Celeste Lamb; Rev. Kent Matthies; Andrea Parry (chair)

USG’s Moving Ahead Steering Committee and Covid Task Force regularly revisit and update USG’s Covid Protocols and Policies, based on guidelines from the CDC, the state of Pennsylvania, and the city of Philadelphia.

Below are USG’s most recently updated policies and protocols re Covid-19.

What if you test positive for Covid? Or had exposure to Covid? Guidelines from the USG Covid Task Force

Vaccination Requirements at USG 4.23.2022

Worship Indoors Guidelines 4.23.2022

Indoor Meetings 4.23.2022

Singing Indoors 4.23.2022

Outdoor Space Protocol 4.23.2022

Outdoor Worship Guidelines 4.23.2022

USG Zoom Meeting Request Form

Want to signal that you are being extra cautious regarding Covid-19? Pick up an orange sticker at almost any entrance to USG.